How to Fix Barbie’s frizzy hair

Many of us have had or still has a Barbie with an ugly and matted hair, caused by different reasons, either for over brushing the hair, over playing and other reasons.Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix Barbie’s hair, and make it soft and shiny again as it was brand new.

What you will need is:

Pot with boiling water

- A Barbie with Matted hair.
- A Barbie Brush or a Comb with small and narrow teeth.
- Shampoo and Conditioner.
- A pot with boiling water.
- A towel.

The procedure is very easy to do. The first step consists in detangling the Barbie’s hair very carefully and with patience, trying to make the hair “easier to comb” and eliminating as many knots as possible.

Once the hair is easier to manage and comb, we are going to wash the hair using the shampoo, trying to remove all the dirt acummulated in the hair. Rinse and after apply the conditioner. Leave it for about 3 minutes to get absorbed, then rinse it.

Submerge Barbie's hair

Once the Barbie’s hair is clean and soft, the next step get ready the boiling water on the pot and very carefully, (and if you are under age, ask for help to an adult) hold the Barbie’s Body with one hand and sumerge the Barbie’s hair into the boiling water and while you are doing this, comb the Barbie’s hair straight, keep sumerging the doll’s head into the water and keep combing the hair until the hair is very soft and the comb moves smoothly through the Doll’s hair. Also you can submerge the hair and right away take it out and comb the hair. Repeat this step until you see the Barbie’s hair soft and free of knots and it is easy to comb.

Barbie Fixed hair

Once the Barbie’s hair is smooth , take the Barbie, and leave her on a towel until the hair dries. It may take 7 hours. It is important to leave the Barbie’s hair drying naturally, so better results can be achieved. After, your Barbie’s hair will be as a new one and straight.

This is a good technique that works in every Barbie Doll. I use it very often as I buy second hand Barbie Dolls and most of the times they have damaged hair. Just be careful manipulating the hot water to avoid skin burns and also to prevent your doll to get burn with the pot. So extra attention, and once again, if you are underage ask your mommy to do it for you.

I hope this works for you.


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